Private Tours Outside Barcelona

We offer you private tours outside Barcelona, Montserrat, Dalí, Girona, Catalonia... 

All our private tours outside Barcelona include chauffeur-driven private transport and the company of an official tour guide who speaks your language. 

Private Tour - Tarragona

On this private tour, visit the city of Tarragona, established by the Romans and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the most important remains of the Roman era, the old mediaeval quarter and the more modern commercial area of the city.

Private Tour - Dalí Museum (Figueres)

On this private tour, visit the museum of the incredible artist, Salvador Dalí, located in the town of Figueres. This is one of the most visited museums in Spain and a unique place in the world where the genius let his imagination run wild.

Private Tour - Dalí Museum and Girona

This private tour will take you to the town of Figueres to visit the Dalí Museum, a masterpiece by the brilliant artist Salvador Dalí, a museum that captivates and leaves no one indifferent. Afterwards travel to Girona, to discover this charming city and its exceptional historical and architectural heritage.

Private Tour - Girona

On this private tour, visit Girona to discover this marvellous city. The old city centre is one of the most beautiful in all Catalonia and is perfect for strolling around and enjoying at a leisurely pace.

Private Tour - Monastery of Montserrat

On this tour, visit the Monastery of Montserrat, where you can take in the spectacular landscape of one of the most unique mountains in the world, as well as the symbolism and spirituality of the home of the Virgin of Montserrat, commonly known as “La Moreneta”, the patron saint of Catalonia.