Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our customer service team has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions with detailed answers. In most cases you will find a quick, detailed answer to your question.

About the Tours

1. In what languages are the private tours given?

At the start of the online booking process, you can select the language of your tour: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, German or Russian.

If you would like your tour to be given in a language not listed above, please get in touch with our Customer Service department and we will do our best to accommodate you.

2. Is it possible to have a personalized tour?

Yes, it is. Please contact our Customer Service Department and we will take a look at your ideas in order to offer you a completely custom tour.

3. Will there be more people on the tour that I book apart from those I include in my booking?

If you have reserved a private tour, there will be no other individuals in your group. The only people that will accompany you on your tour, besides the guides, will be those that you included when you made the booking.

However, if the tour you booked is not private, other individuals will join the group.

4. What days of the week are private tours held?

Most tours are held all days of the week. However, sometimes an interesting place to visit on the itinerary is closed on a certain day of the week; in this case, the tour isn’t held on that certain day. If there is a specific day of the week that tours aren’t held, this will be noted in the description of the tour, in the “Comments” section.

5. How can I find out if a tour is available?

In the tour description, in the section to book, there is a calendar from which you can select the day you want to take the tour. If you select a day and the system accepts it, this means the specific day in question is available. If the tour date is not available, you will see that the date is blocked out.

In the tour you want to book, if there is a visit to a museum and the FC Barcelona stadium, and the day that you want to select appears to be blocked out, try selecting a different starting time for the tour. It might be the case that for this specific tour certain hours are blocked out, but not all.

6. Are tours held during the festive period and on public holidays?

In general, our tours are held every day of the year, but you can always check tour availability using the calendar that appears in the description of the tour. Choose the date you’d like and if it isn't blocked out, this means that this tour is held on the date you have chosen.

7. What time do the tours start?

In the tour description, in the booking section, there is a “Start time” option. When you click this, a drop-down menu appears with the different start times for this specific tour. Then simply select the time that suits you best.

8. Who are the tour guides?

All our guides are Official Tourist Guides, besides being local professionals with loads of experience.

Your guide will conduct your tour in the language of your choice.

9. What kind of vehicles does Barceg use in the tours with private transportation?

The cars we use on our private transportation tours are luxurious, modern and fully-equipped cars such as Mercedes, Audi, etc.  The exact type for your tour will depend on the number of people in your group.

These vehicles are driven by professional chauffeurs.


1. Is it possible to book a tour through the Barceg website?

Yes, all tours can be booked online on the Barceg website.

2. How do I make an online booking?

Read all the information available about the tour that you want to book carefully.

  • Check the price for the number of persons you want to book. The prices are listed in Euros with all taxes included.
  • Select the language you prefer for your tour.
  • Select the Start time.
  • Select the date you want for the tour.
  • Select a meeting point where you would like us to pick you up to start the tour.
  • Select the number of people for the tour.
  • Click on “Add to Shopping Basket”
  • If you want to book another tour, you can go back and repeat the process; if not, go on to the next page.
  • Next, go to the “Shopping Basket” in the upper left part of your screen, where you can review your purchases and prices in detail.
  • If you are happy with your order, click “Buy” and then complete the billing details form.
  • To confirm the order, you must accept the legal terms and conditions, and finally press “Send order.”
  • If you have chosen to pay by card, you will automatically be transferred to the payment gateway for the bank that manages our virtual checkout, where you will be prompted to enter payment information for your order.
  • When the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order. If you have not received this email within 24 hours of your purchase, please contact our Customer Service Department.
  • Within 12 hours from ordering, you will receive the “Booking Voucher” by email, which details the products and services purchased.
3. Can I make a booking by phone?

Barceg is a comprehensive online booking portal; therefore it does not offer a telephone booking service. However, we offer 24-hour, 7-days a week customer service by email in order to address any of your inquiries or questions as quickly as possible.

4. How far in advance should I book a tour?

The deadline established on our website to book a tour at least four days in advance. If you would like a tour within a shorter timeframe, please contact our Customer Service team so we can try and accommodate you; either way we will respond as quickly as possible.

5. Can I book more than one tour?

Yes, you can book as many tours as you like, all in the same order; simply add them to your “shopping basket.” You don’t need to make a separate booking for each tour.

6. Can I book a tour when I arrive in Barcelona?

Barceg tours can only be reserved online. We recommend that you book before departing on your trip, to ensure that your tour is organized with the best possible attention and to avoid problems with transportation availability inside the city and with tickets to the different places to be visited.

7. How many people can I include in my group when I book a tour?

In general, reservations can be made online for a maximum of 10 people. If your group is larger than 10, please contact our Customer Service team by email and we will promptly send you the new price for the additional people.

We are flexible and can accommodate whatever size group you have.

8. I’m still not sure of the exact dates of my trip. Is it possible to book a tour through the Barceg website?

Yes, it’s possible, but you must select an approximate date. Please also indicate in the “Order Comments” section that you don’t have your exact travel dates yet. Please also provide us with the definitive date once you have it via email, at least four days in advance.

9. When will I receive confirmation of my booking?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order. Please contact Barceg customer service if you haven’t received a confirmation email within 24 hours.

10. Why haven’t I received any reply to my emails?

Double check that it wasn’t sent to your spam or junk mail folder. If you think your mail manager automatically erased it, please contact our Customer Service department

11. Can I get an invoice for my booking?

We will send you the invoice via e-mail within 72 hours of placing the order.

12. When will I receive the Reservation Voucher?

We will email you the booking voucher within 12 hours.

13. What do I do with the booking voucher?

Print and save it; if you have booked a private tour, this is the document you must present to the guide at the start of the tour.

If you’ve purchased any other product or service that isn’t a “private tour”, you must exchange it for the corresponding ticket or service at the place indicated on the voucher. The original Booking Voucher and an ID are required.

Collection and meeting point

1. Where is the meeting point for the private tour?

You can indicate the meeting/starting point in the booking form; it could be a hotel or another location. If you want us to meet you at your hotel, just tell us the name; if you’d like to meet at a different place, just give us the address. Please keep in mind that the itinerary prices are based on starting in Barcelona city itself. If you want the starting point to be somewhere outside the city, please contact us so we can give you the modified price.

2. Can the tour starting point be somewhere outside the city of Barcelona?

Yes, the meeting/starting point can be anywhere you like. However, if it is outside Barcelona city, you should get in touch with our Customer Service department to get the exact price, since prices listed on the website are based on a Barcelona city starting point.

3. When the private tour is over, will I be dropped off at my hotel?

Once the tour is over, you may choose to stay in the spot where the tour ended, to be taken to a point established in the booking, or to be taken back to your hotel.

4. Is there a phone number I can call when I arrive?

Yes, this information appears in the “Booking Voucher.”

5. Does the tour include airport pick-up?

No, because the airport is not located in the city of Barcelona. Please email our Customer Service Department (Contact) to get a quote for a tour with airport pick-up. This excludes the transfers section, which contains a number of welcome tours that include airport pick-ups.

Payment and prices

1. How do I know that paying with my credit card online is secure?

We use Caixabank SA “La Caixa” and Comerica Global Payments payment gateway, offering maximum security in the payment process; We adhere to Visa and Mastercard’s 3DSecure standards, which require the authentication of the holder from the card-issuing entity for every single operation. All transactions carried out are completely guaranteed, ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity for both the cardholder and the issuing bank.

All communication is encrypted through SSL, which prevents the interception of information by third parties. Our customers can rest assured that all communications established during the transaction are completely secure.

2. What is the total price of the tour?

The price of the private tour depends on the total number of people. You can find the total price of the tour according to the number of people on the tour description section.

3. How can I see which services are included in the price of the tour?

In the description of each tour, there is a section that lists “What’s included” and “What’s not included” in the price of the tour.

4. How can I make a booking if I don’t have a credit card?

Barceg is an online tour company that uses a completely secure, automated booking system. Therefore, we can only accept bookings placed online using a valid and authorized credit card. Barceg cannot accept other payment methods such as details via fax, telephone, etc. All communications are encrypted through SSL, which prevents the interception of information by third parties. This ensures the confidentiality of all communications during the transaction.

5. I received an error message after entering my credit card payment. What should I do?

The Barceg online booking process is completely automated and all credit card transactions are 100% secure. If your credit card generated an error, check that it hasn’t expired. You could also contact your bank to make sure you haven't exceeded your monthly credit limit. Or alternatively, complete the booking with a different credit card. For more assistance, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Click here to send an email to the Barceg Customer Service Department with your specific inquiry